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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


Abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex surgery that reconstructs the abdominal wall to restore anatomy and function.

The abdomen wall comprising of layers of tissues, fat and muscles protect the organs inside the abdominal cavity. It also helps maintain posture and assist in vital functions such as respiration, defecation and urination.


When do you need abdominal wall reconstruction surgery?

Sometimes the abdominal wall weakens due to the formation or recreation of hernias. This causes the tissues and muscles of the abdominal wall to deteriorate.

In such cases, the abdominal wall needs to be restructured. This procedure treats open wounds in the abdominal wall, restructure the tissue and strengthen the muscles.

The wounds in the abdominal wall occur due to:

  • Infection

  • Tumour’s

  • Tumour removal surgery

  • Trauma

  • Previous abdominal surgeries


This is a complex surgery which should be performed by a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Samrat Jankar, the best gastroenterologist in Pune.

Dr. Samrat is an expert in abdominal wall reconstruction surgeries and has successfully performed several complicated surgeries with outstanding clinical results.

Planning the surgery

During the consultation, Dr. Samrat Jankar will evaluate your condition and discuss the procedure with you so that you are aware of how it is performed and you can clear your doubts with him.

Further, he will ask you to follow a few pre-procedure instructions like:

  • Stop taking blood thinners 5 to 7 days before the surgery

  • Maintain a healthy diet

  • Stop smoking two weeks prior to the surgery

  • Avoid eating and drinking (even water) around six to eight hours before surgery.

What to expect during abdominal wall reconstruction?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. It takes around two to eight hours to complete the procedure, depending on the complexity of the defect.

Dr. Samrat will access the wound through the incision in the lower abdomen. Then the doctor will reshape the abdominal tissues by separating the layers of the abdominal wall and moving them into a natural position. He may use a surgical mesh to strengthen and support the abdominal muscles.​

What to expect after the surgery?

  • A surgical drain may be placed for about 24 to 48 hours

  • The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers

  • Your dressing will be removed after 24 to 72 hours

  • After two days you can walk with support

  • There will be swelling and bruising which will go away after some days

  • Depending on your surgery and general health you can go home within two to seven days

Complications of abdominal wall reconstruction surgery

This is an invasive procedure, and as with any surgery, there are certain complications which may include:

  • Bleeding

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Infection

  • Scarring

  • Temporary numbness around the surgical site

  • Poor healing of the wound

  • Recurrence of hernia

  • Vomiting and nausea

Benefits of abdominal wall reconstruction

Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery allows the surgeon to repair complex hernias and defects that were not possible using conventional hernia repair surgery technique.


Recovery period post abdominal wall reconstruction surgery

Generally, the patients have to stay for around two to seven days in the hospital after the surgery depending on the extent of surgery and overall health.

The patients usually return to their daily activities after 4-6 weeks. However, they must follow all the postoperative instructions and attend all the follow-ups.

In the case of major reconstruction, the result may take a few months. The patients are advised to have a healthy diet and avoid smoking so that it helps in healing.

Frequently asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for abdominal wall reconstruction?

You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have a recurring hernia
  • The wound has developed after hernia repair
  • There is an infection after the surgery
  • You are physically healthy
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

How do you diagnose an abdominal hernia?

Usually, the doctor can determine hernia by merely palpating the affected area. However, your doctor may order imaging tests such as abdominal ultrasound, MRI or CT scan.

Is abdominal wall reconstruction a complex procedure?

Yes, this is a complex surgery which is used for hernia repair, scar repair and previous surgical damage repair. The abdomen wall is made of layers of tissues, muscles and fat that protects the internal organs.

Is abdominal wall reconstruction a painful surgery?

Patients do experience significant postoperative pain after abdominal wall reconstruction surgery. However, your doctor will prescribe painkillers to manage the pain.

Can it possible to do AWR surgery by using laparoscopy?

Definitely yes most of the AWR surgery can be done laparoscopically without any major issue by expert laparoscopic surgeons like Dr Samrat Jankar.